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future directions

Physical Realization
The environment will be implemented in a physical building with a common area and three separate, relatively sound-proof rooms. There will be a kiosk in the main area where each participant can select the musical piece that will represent himself in the environment. Upon selecting a piece, the participant will be given a tag to wear; the tag will contain an electronic chip identifying the musical selection of that participant.

Each of the three separate rooms will constitute a shared musical space. Sensors will detect the tags worn by participants within each room. A computer within each room will respond to the flow of participants into and out of that room by computing new musical pieces based on the pieces representing the current inhabitants. The machine will stream audio to speakers in that room.

Network Realization
A music MUD, identical to that described for this project with potentially an infinite number of shared musical spaces. Each space would be connected by portals to three neighboring spaces. The distance between any two spaces is equivalent to the number of intervening spaces along the most direct route of connections between the two spaces.

Neighboring spaces would be most heavily traversed by participants with similar musical tastes. Regions of spaces with similar musical characteristics would be a true manifestation of musical flocking behavior.